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Transitions are Growth Opportunities 

ATTENTION: Due to COVID-19 We are offering Tele Therapy at a discounted rate. Call Now for Details at 571-224-8007. 

At Transition Family Services we will help you and your family through the most important transitions in life.  Transitions can cause stress within a family. Are you concerned about the mental health of your son or daughter? Are you worried about your own mental health?

How do you know you need help? You or your loved one has started to exhibit the following symptoms:

Irritability   Loneliness   Mood Swings   Anger   Isolation   Stress   Sadness   Anxiety 


Functioning Impairments  (Problems at school, at work, or with relationships)

Stressed Man

Let's Explore

The staff at Transition Family Services  are experts at exploring barriers and finding solutions

Transition Family Services is located in the heart of Northern Virginia. We find that this area is especially stressful and that the individuals we work with are often struggling with anxiety and depression.. The good news is that we have staff on hand that can help with finding a solution that is right for you as well as identifying any barriers that might be getting in the way of achieving your goals. 

Common barriers include mental health symptoms, inability to cope with stress, difficulty relating to others.

difficulty managing relationships, not know which direction to go to next, and feeling overwhelmed. We want to help you or your loved one feel better. 


Our Services

Teens & Library


"Ms. Teresa helped me find a job very quickly. Even though I have a disability she helped me with being confident that I can be successful at work."


"Teresa helped my husband and I get through the early parenting years and our relationship is stronger because we learned how to communicate better. I believe we are better parents because of her."


"Teresa has been working with me on my self esteem and dealing with my relationships so that I can be able to function now that I am an adult."

Young Adult

"No one had ever gone to college in my family and you (Teresa) made that possible for me. I had something to work for and be proud changed my life."


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