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What are the benefits of non traditional therapy?

EMDR and Clinical Hypnosis can help with issues involving:

·         Social Isolation

·         Shyness

·         Anger/Anxiety

·         Identity/Self-Awareness

·         Self-Advocacy

          Physical Symptoms 


Through participation in services youth will learn about how to:

·         Use effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills

·         Improve their expressive (speaking) and receptive (listening) skills

·         Identity and utilize effective decision making, problem solving and/or conflict resolution skills

·         Establish and maintain healthy relationships

·         Cope with stress

·         Utilize positive thinking patterns

          Learn ways to keep the body in a safe/calm state.


Weekly groups are being formed now. 

Call to discuss how our staff can assist!


We also offer parenting classes for those that are struggling with their relationship with their child. We want to help you mend your relationship with your child before time runs out. 

Public Speaker
Group Discussion
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