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What is career assessment?

Career assessment is an individualized dynamic, holistic and collaborative process in which people explore, discover and identify interests, strengths, skills, values, personal characteristics, preferences and aptitudes to be utilized in goal setting and planning.

Who can participate?

Career assessment can begin as early as elementary school and continue throughout one’s life through adulthood.  This service is invaluable to youth and adults are in transition!   For example, high school students who are struggling to identify their goals and opportunities when transitioning from high school to post-secondary options such as:

·         Employment

·         College/University

·         Trade/Technical Schools

·         Military

·         Apprenticeships

Assessments and Activities?

Career assessment is an individualized process traitored to the foster self-awareness, exploration and planning.   Activities may include: 

·         Interview

·         Interests assessment

·         Personal characteristics

·         Learning style

·         Self-awareness activities

·         Aptitude assessment

·         Career counseling

·         Resume building

·         Identification and Linking to Youth/Adult Services for persons with disabilities

·         Self-Advocacy skills

·         Job search

·         Call today to discuss the possibilities!

What have people said about this service and process…


"No one had ever gone to college in my family and you made that possible for me.  I had something to work for and to be proud of….you changed my life and I will absolutely never look back!  I was the first high school graduate in my family and the first to go to college." - Assessment Recipient-

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